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.Clean Living has been cleaning hard wood floors for many years and the most frequent question we get asked is, Can we restore wood flooring?For varnished or lacquered hard wood floor retaining the original seal in good condition, we recommend mechanical cleaning to remove the accumulated surface soiling, polishes and scuffing. A fresh polish or dressing can then be applied adding protection, enhancing and restoring the beautiful finish.-We will assist in assessing the condition of the floor and recommending the appropriate wood floor cleaning service.-Previously oiled wood floor can usually be lightly cleaned and re-freshed , where a deeper clean is required re-oiling will be necessary to provide full protection again.-Whilst hard wood floors are resilient they will periodically require, professional cleaning and maintenance to help protect from wear and enhance the appearance.-If your wood floor surface has suffered complete wear to the seal and the floor surface is now unprotected, soiling will start to become ingrained in the wood. At this stage we will do our upmost best to get looking like new.We provide expert knowledge and professional wood floor cleaning solutions for maintaining all hard wood floors please ask for more information.


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There are various levels of services we provide for restoring stone floors; the service level will be dependent upon the condition of the floor. The levels range from a general stone clean and seal to full stone floor restoration by grinding the surface off with diamond disks and polishing to restore the smoothness of the surface.

The costs for stone floor cleaning will vary dependent upon the service selected. Some stone floors may require light restoration only by surface cleaning. This will be quicker to achieve than the stone completely ground down and re-honed or polished.

In assessing the condition of the stone Clean Living will explain fully the options

and suggest the appropriate level of restoration required.

As a general rule stone flooring usually comes in a honed natural, tumbled or highly polished finish.

The first thing to determine if possible is what the original finish was. For instance, if you have a highly polished stone floor that has suffered wear or the polished surface has eroded by the use of inappropriate cleaning materials you should still be able to determine from the edges of the area or from behind a door if it had a high polish originally or not.

As stone wears the pours open up and trap soils and dirt, this may be noticeable when you have attempted cleaning only to find the results unsatisfactory.

As the soiling works down into the surface it becomes hard to remove by normal means. At this stage it may still be possible to deep clean the stone by either the use of a rotary machine fitted with diamond cleaning pads or the use of a pressure extraction cleaning machine that both cleans and lifts the soiling out simultaneously.

It is advisable also to lightly re-hone the stone to close the pours and prevent more soiling becoming trapped.

If the stone is heavily impregnated by soiling and the surface has suffered extensive wear it will be necessary to grind the stone down to remove the contamination as well as create a smooth surface again that can then be maintained.

If you have your stone floor deep cleaned to any of these levels it will require a stone sealer to help prevent the penetration of stains absorbing into the surface.

We find a lot of the stone floors we work upon do not necessarily require full stone floor restoration and can often be bought back to a clean and satisfactory finish by means of a deep clean or light resurface. Once cleaned and sealed previously polished stone can then be polished either using finer diamond pads or a compound polishing powder. 

Many customers will often be delighted and surprised that this can be achieved within one service visit with the minimum of mess and disruption. The cost for a stone floor deep clean is usually in the region of half the cost of full restoration and it takes in general terms about a third of the time.

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